9Bank Waves Tokens

9Bank’s token offer is temporarily offline. If you wish to join me in collecting Rootstock test tokens, feel free. Jaxx wallet is supporting RSK and they might be valuable.

((temporarily offline))
9Bank token includes past ICO deals. As of June 18, 2017 the NAV per 9Bank token is $0.0005, with 9,000,000. Buy tokens to increase over time. Expect good things, but you agree withdraws over $10 take one week. Larger withdraws longer until effective capital growth speeds turnarounds!

1) Visit — waveswallet.io
2) Send Waves (plus email)
3) $1 minimum, $200 maximum
4) use this address: 3PJ3qrL35tWqzfdizm6zLJjMKKNTFceCXip
5) See 9bank/Waves tokens in hours!

((9Bank)) price updates emailed weekly! A Listing at Tidex.com could increase our visibility…